July 2014 - French Riviera Château Rasque

Château Rasque welcomes Gauchet Fine Art in a heaven to display contemporary art…


Signs & Symbols by E. BALLESTRA


Since the beginning of her career, Evelyne Ballestra has used her canvas to explore a world of signs, symbols and spirituality. Her distinctive creations are meditations on nature, time, mortality, the body and human consciousness. Driven by ideas, nature, materials, and an interest in transformation, Evelyne continues to create memorizing illustrations and thought-provoking associations by tracing the transience and transformations of the human endeavor.


Gauchet Fine Art and Château Rasque are pleased to have the opportunity to display “Signs and Symbols”.  This special exhibition is a retrospective of Evelyne Ballestra’s work, beginning with her earlier works in 1990 and up to the most recent piece. The exhibition will take you on a journey through space and time, allowing the viewer to experience a subconscious spirituality that communicates with the body and soul.


Earlier Works

Beginning with her flower series, Evelyne’s earlier works are defined by the beauty of their colors, their satiny, silky, vibrating materials and form. The frank colors are animated by the vigor of the sun. Evelyne says that her work is about translating the ideas and language that is within us all. It is colorful with elements of play and freedom transmuting through the canvas.


Later Works

As her style evolves, Evelyne has become more interested in the abstract. Here she evokes the primitive mind with hidden symbols and messages that are reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Breaking down the form into its most basic element, she creates a commentary about “beginnings” and the transmission of signs through visual elements. Evoking a spiritual essence to the scientific notion if etymology.


Outside installation of monumental sculptures by MARIKO


An African influence inspired by a fusion of the cubism and the primitive arts.