An exclusive unveiling of early works by famous french designer and sculptor Jacques Duval-Brasseur, Saturday, November 26th, 2017 from 6pm – 11pm



 Jacques DuvalBrasseur


Born on 1934, Jacques Duval-Brasseur is a French designer and sculptor entirely inspired from nature. Since early childhood he felt a strong attraction to art and at 17 years oldhe decided to leave his family to attend Les Beaux Arts School in Cherbourg, France.  There is where he became enthralled with sculpture. Ten years after receiving his degree he began to employ elements of nature, into his work, combining different materials such as stone, iron and bronze, building figurative or abstract sculpture.


His very chic creations carry a soul, as all his pieces are either elegant animals, fantastic birds or tree branches mixed together to form extraordinary pieces. In his creations, nature is fantastic and very precious.


In 1969 Jacques Duval- Brasseur presented at Maison & Jardin Galerie in Paris. Where he received much praise for the beauty and detail in his work, then acquiring commissions from many well known collectors. His unique pieces are decorating the most elegant homes and businesses around the world, carrying the essence and modern spirit of the 70’s.