The name Dassault belongs to a select list of families that have made France’s reputation: from the aviation industry to new technologies, from motion picture production to the international press industry, from fine art to fine wine, and from charities that the Dassault family supports, to those it initiates.


Born on June 1st, 1951 in Boulogne-Billancourt (France), Olivier earned his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the French Air School in 1974. He then obtained a Master’s in Decision Theory Mathematics (1976), followed by a Doctorate in Computer Science Management (1980). An aviation aficionado, Olivier passed his professional IFR Pilot license and has since broken several world flight airspeed records.


Marcel Dassault’s grandson devotes his aviator’s heart and soul to serving and promoting various interests. A renowned professional of the press and communications industries, chief executive officer, deputy, accomplished musician and photographer, Olivier devours and pursues several lives at once. It is part of who he is: a man with an insatiable appetite and many talents! « Creation is a source of energy and vitality. revealing it to the world is just as exciting.»


His steadfast allegiance to traditional photography and his love for his Minolta allow Olivier to create the most surprising superimposed works. « I like to create mutations between reality ans its replica, and to reveal a new creative aesthetic by my choice of angles and composition. « Having mastered the art of creative photography, Olivier Dassault brings new meaning to abstract art, language that defines the artist. « As with philosophy, the notion of abstraction implies three specific procedures: analysis, decomposition and conception. This is instinctively hiw I work.»


The success of his collaboration with the famous Belgian gallery owner Guy Pieters in Knokke-le-Zoute (June 2011) encouraged Olivier to set off on an artistic world tour. After attracting much attention at Art Miami in last December and recently in Palm Springs, his latest photographs are now officially represented by Gauchet Fine Art.