From Montreal, Canada, Paul-Émile Rioux has over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer. He studied communications at the University of Quebec, continuing at the HEC Montreal and obtaining a diploma in cinema from Concordia University.  He then moved to New York City where he completed a photography program at the International Center of Photography.  Over the course of his career he acquired several prizes and distinctions.  He was presented with the the Grand LUX Award and was amongst the finalists selected for the 2013 Lumen Prize Award.


Paul-Émile is greatly concerned with the notion of virtual landscapes, with environments and places that are increasingly less associated to specific physical spaces. He uses photographic language to convey the conflict between the images we make of our own urban habitat with the mathematical models of landscape.


Collection Turquoise Default, 2015


Turquoise Default investigates an image of a world nominally positive and optimistic, yet upon closer study strangely formless, foreign and isolating.


The series is comprised of both video and still images. Each work is made up of three components, which is distinct and yet interrelated. The top layers represent something like the sky moving slowly, the mid layers representing the ocean rapidly moving, and the bottom layers representing something like a submerged world, transformed and hidden from a view below a fluid surface.


Collection Landcuts, 2013


Landcuts is a statement on our shifting relationship to space and place, the way we think about environment and nature through images of everyday landscapes, symbols, corporate slogans and buzzwords. The series explores the links between consumer culture, politics and technology.


In these works, the CUT is a piece of land, which is framed, constructed and built upon by blending other cuts taken from landscape, product photography or 3D models of topography and then reinterpreted through analog and digital technologies.