Claudia Meyer

Claudia Meyer is an independent artist and creator who express her creativity through two distinct fields: fine contemporary Art and “Industrial” Art. Early on, she trained as a graphic designer at Hochschule für Gestaltung and Kunst in Luzern and spent a year in Stuttgart, Germany where she worked as a graphic artist and made the acquaintance of Anton Stankowski, the grand master of German design, in whose studio she was able to work.


Later on she moved to New York City and completed her Masters Degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York, where she worked intensively on the possibilities of fabric design and modern technologies.  


Since then she has been focused on creating Contemporary Fine Art by using modern technologies and nature as her main source of inspiration. Meyer often travels the world for architectural, sculptural, functional, industrial, philanthropic, corporate and contemporary Art projects and she regularly exhibits her artworks in carefully selected Fine Art platforms including institutions, art fairs and galleries. In the meantime, she is currently developing and creating art based on the “New Realism’s” concept and offering her expertise to advise corporations and firms looking for ways to emphasize, brand, valorize, promote and exhibit art in the industrial world.